3 Jul

Landlords advised to meet market's requirements

Landlords advised to meet market's requirements

The director of the Residential Landlords Association has suggested that landlords tailor their properties to the requirements of different markets.

Alan Ward noted that students will want a broadband connection and amenities such as a washing machine, while long-term tenants may want to put their stamp on the property by doing minor redecorations.

"Shared houses need two or more bathrooms for five people or more and dishwashers are becoming common in homes with busy professionals. Don't think young people will settle for single beds either," he said.

Mr Ward also reminded landlords to consider safety in all properties, stating that fire extinguishers, alarms and blankets are basic requisites.

With the average UK rent increasing from £608 a month in February 2008 to £631 in April according to the latest Residential Rental Price Index, tenants may be expecting better facilities for their money.

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