17 Aug

Kent: awash with history and tradition

Kent: awash with history and tradition

Recent studies have shown that the time is right for property investment in the south of England, meaning good news for those looking for a property for sale in Kent.

The study showed that homeowners in the south are less likely to be in negative equity meaning those in the south could well be more likely to gain a mortgage as they are not at as much risk of repossession.

Kent is referred to as the Garden of England and with good reason. The county boasts an array of stunning scenic walks, beautiful castles and gardens and as it is situated on the south-east coast of England it can offer amazing ocean views.

The county is surrounded by the sea so whether you're in the north, the south or the middle of the county you'll never be far from one of the counties lively coastal towns - towns including Sittingbourne, Folkestone and the ever popular Margate.

It's not just pretty views that the county has to offer, can also enjoy the rich history that Kent has to offer especially in terms of film and literature. Canterbury cathedral, the basis of Chaucer's Canterbury tales, is located in Kent and many residents go along and enjoy a reconstruction of the famous adventure. Alternatively if you prefer your English countryside shaken not stirred then Kent locations such as Margate, Dover and Sandwich all have 007 stories to tell.

Those on the lookout for a house for sale in Kent should also bear in mind that house prices are currently at a six month low and stand at £180,779 – a very reasonable price for property in the south of England.

As you may expect from a county not far from the capital, train services are run widely throughout the county. As well as being in close proximity to London you are also remarkably close to Calais and therefore mainland Europe. There are regular ferries from Folkestone to Calais which more than makes up for the lack of an airport in the county.

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