18 Jun

Industry needs to 'make the best' of Hips

Industry needs to 'make the best' of Hips

The managing director of Convex.net, an online conveyancing firm, has suggested that now the investment has been made in Home Information Packs, (Hips) people should try and make the best of them.

Duncan Samuel's comments follow the Carsberg Review of Residential Property, which found that Hips have not improved the process of buying and selling properties.

It stated that the process and the provision of information for consumers requires revision.

Mr Samuel disagreed with parts of the report, but admitted that the industry has "always been united" in its concerns about the scheme.

However, he noted than in his experience, transactions have speeded up as a result of Hips, adding: "The fact is that the time and money that had to be spent preparing for them and implementing them has now been spent … surely it is better to enjoy the benefits of them."

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