26 Apr

Increases noted in buy-to-let property prices

Increases noted in buy-to-let property prices

Most buy-to-let property investors have registered an increase in property prices in their areas, it has been suggested.

According to a poll conducted by Simply Business 70 per cent of such people have seen the value of real estate rise.

This is viewed by many as a blessing, as the attractiveness of rental homes tends to go up as the market for property purchases becomes more expensive.

In addition, it means that landlords who choose to sell their investments are likely to make more money.

However, it also makes it more difficult for such people to expand their property portfolios.

Earlier this month, Jon Brown, partner relationship manager at iammoving.com, suggested that the housing market in the UK is picking up as confidence among consumers grows.

While the industry is not fully out of its recession dip, more and more people are prepared to put their homes up for sale, the expert said.

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