31 Jan

How to get your home sale ready

How to get your home sale ready

A quarter of Brits are looking to move home this year, according to a survey from Ocean Finance.

With more and more people intending to test the water in a new property, it will be important to ensure your home stands out if you want to move.

In a competitive market, your house will need to be at the top of its game to attract the attention of prospective buyers.

But how can you ensure you're giving people you've never met what they want?

Take an objective view

The first thing you need to do is take an honest look at your home. If that peeling wallpaper in the hallway bothers you, chances are it will annoy anyone coming to look around the property. Could your garden be mistaken for the outback? Prospective buyers are unlikely to reason that the weather hasn't been at its best at the moment for you to get out a mow the lawn.

Ultimately, little things like this look sloppy and don't showcase the house at its best. For would-be-buyers, all those little things that you think will do for now are yet more stuff to add to their list of tasks when they move in.

You need to look at your home objectively - forgetting your justifications for its state - and honestly ask yourself what you'd think if this was a property you were viewing.

You should also ask yourself what sorts of things you'd want to see in a prospective home and compare how your property measures up.

Neutralise the area

The perfect home for a prospective buyer is a blank canvas so the more you can neutralise your property the better. This involves getting rid of anything that could easily be considered too 'out there' and decluttering.

You might love that Hawaiian mural in your bathroom, but not everyone will. Having your tastes too heavily featured when trying to sell can blind a buyer to a home's potential. You might find a beige wall boring but someone looking to move in is likely to be able to imagine their own designs much more easily with it there.

Similarly, people don't want to have to wade through all your clutter to see the potential of a home, so be sure it's as tidy as possible. This will make the space feel larger, perhaps giving it an edge against other similar properties.

Spruce up

You wouldn't show yourself to the world in torn clothes, with last night's dinner still on your face so why open your home to the public if its in a state of disrepair?

Before putting a property on the market, be sure to re-stick any peeling wallpaper, scrape off mildew and have any damp taken care of.

Give the bathroom and kitchen a good clean, as these can typically be deal breakers. Re-grout tiles, touch up paint, and polish surfaces.

Elsewhere, if your cushions have seen better days, replace them.  A throw-rug can hide an old sofa, while a great pair of curtains can pull a room together.

As a finishing touch, pop a few vases of flowers around your home to create a bright and airy feel.ADNFCR-1222-ID-801688847-ADNFCR

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