29 Oct

How to beat the big freeze this winter

How to beat the big freeze this winter

In the last few weeks, a number of the country's biggest energy providers have stated their intention to up their prices for gas and electricity, either from early November, or in the case of SSE, almost immediately. This sudden news has caused concern for many people, be they living in their own houses or buy-to-let properties, especially with the cold weather, and a subsequent desire to make sure the house keeps warm, now upon us.

With the clocks going back this past weekend (October 28th), you, like many other homeowners, will be looking for the best way to make sure that you are keeping your family warm in order to keep them healthy and happy, and you are not alone. Some 89 per cent of Brits told a recent survey that they are concerned about being able to afford their bill this winter, and will need to take measures such as rationing to avoid the perilous position of not being able to afford their gas bill.

On top of this, there will be the very real fear of damage to the household. While many have home insurance policies that cover damage from the extreme weather conditions of winter, it can be the case that a claim becomes invalid if the person making it has not taken the steps of making sure the home was heated, such as if you were away on holiday trying to catch a bit of winter sun somewhere else in the world.

There are measures you can take to make sure that your home can stand up to poor weather conditions, however, and it is important to act now, before it gets worse, making work almost an impossibility.

To start with, you may want to take to the roof to plug any gaps and guarantee that your home is well protected. Get up there and make sure that all of your tiles are not only all present, but fixed in place and not broken.  Not only will the roof stop your house from getting damaged by the rain through leaking, but it can also help to retain heat, meaning that you will have to spend less on gas, and will not have to scrimp on warmth as a result.

When this is done, to keep that warmth within the home, you may also want to use insulation. In the loft, this can easily be done on your own, by clearing a space and making sure that you lay it without gaps to give your house that retention it needs. For cavity wall insulation throughout, you may need to call in a specialist.

However, if these moves are not for you, and you are looking to make changes that can make a difference on a low budget, you can find other ways of retaining heat. For example, you can use draught excluders around the bottom of your doors, while putting strips around your windows can also stop wind from chilling your household.

Finally, to protect the pipes and stop them from freezing and bursting, insulating sleeves can be used to keep them warm, a vital way to stop your house being damaged from cold throughout those tough and long winter months.ADNFCR-1222-ID-801478224-ADNFCR

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