31 Dec

Homeowners warned over NYE break-ins

Homeowners warned over NYE break-ins

The historically high incidence of break-ins over New Year's Eve underlines the importance of having a comprehensive home insurance policy, it has been claimed.

According to data from Abbey Insurance, up to 1.1 million break-ins take place on average every New Year's Eve.

This is fuelled by the fact that burglars are aware that homeowners are likely to be out of their homes celebrating the advent of the New Year and the fact that with Christmas just behind us, houses are likely to be stuffed with expensive presents.

In response, some 16 per cent of homeowners - most likely those without comprehensive home insurance policies - are so afraid of break-ins they plan to stay home, Abbey's survey showed.

Anthony Frost of Abbey Insurance said: "Perhaps recent high-profile burglaries, such as those of Liverpool footballers Steven Gerrard and Dirk Kuyt, have served as a timely reminder as to what can happen to your home when burglars know you're not in.

"The long dark nights and Christmas and new year's party season also provide opportunities for burglars, so we would encourage people to take precautions this New Year's Eve to deter potential burglars."


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