23 Feb

Home movers 'opting for seaside'

Home movers 'opting for seaside'

Home movers are increasingly looking to move to coastal areas, new research has suggested.

A study by Halifax found that between 1997 and 2007 16 of the 20 areas of Britain with the highest levels of net internal migration were on the coast.

In contrast, the study found that cities have high rates of both inflow and outflow, suggesting city living is a popular but transient lifestyle.

Examples of this included Birmingham having both the highest internal net inflows and ouflows of people during the same decade, while nine of the ten local authorities with the largest net drops in internal migrants over the period were in London.

Such trends may suggest that housing demand is likely to increase more in coastal districts, while the transitory nature of city living may encourage investors to believe that buy-to-let is a good investment as less people may settle down and buy homes.

Despite the movements in its population, the city of Birmingham has seen its population increasing since 2001 to stand at just over one million according to government figures as of 2006, the city council has noted.

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