28 May

Home movers given insurance tips

Home movers given insurance tips

Those looking to gain a quote on buildings and content insurance for a prospective new home must ensure they know a number of intricate details about the property they are moving into, it has been suggested.

Financial search engine Tescocompare.com said that people will need to know information about locks and alarms if they are to get an accurate assessment of how much they will need to pay for this type of cover.

This was one of many pieces of home-moving advice issued by the firm, which it claims could save people time, money and stress.

Anyone in the process of switching properties can also transfer over their home insurance policies to the future house or flat until the date of completion, the company stated.

Movers - and there could be an increasing number of them in the coming months if National Association of Estate Agent predictions are to be believed - may find this gives them some "breathing space" while they try to find a new deal.

Debra Williams from Tescocompare.com said: "Moving home is usually a stressful time, no matter whether you are a homeowner or renter. But there are many things you can do to take the stress out of moving and save yourself some money."

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