31 Oct

Home insurance customers swapping providers more often

Home insurance customers swapping providers more often

More and more people are regularly swapping their home insurance provider, new research has shown.

According to figures from MoneyExpert.com, 1.6 million more people switched their home and car insurance provider during the third quarter of 2007 than had done so during the preceding period.

The phenomenon is due to a combination of a profusion of heavily advertised competitive home insurance offers, but is also the legacy of people becoming increasing aware of cheaper deals through their use of price comparison sites, Sean Gardner, chief executive at MoneyExpert, claims.

He said: "Insurance has been incredibly competitive for a long time now. Just turn on your television and you'll see scores of advertisements all claiming to get you the best deal.

"And with online price comparison becoming mainstream for millions of people, it’s even more likely that people will be happy to chop and change providers in search of the best deal."

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