19 Mar

Home alone total 'to rise by 2m'

Home alone total 'to rise by 2m'

The number of people living alone in the UK is likely to rise by two million over the next decade, research by Lloyds TSB Insurance has concluded.

Commenting on this finding, TV presenter and co-owner of Uber Interiors Melissa Porter said that single females are likely to make up a large proportion of this increase.

She remarked: "It used to be men and elderly people, but actually there is a big rise in professional women living alone, aged between 25 and 44, for various reasons."

Increased "freedom and personal space" are major factors in this, Ms Porter stated.

Such a trend may guide the investment plans of those buying rental property, as living space geared to single women could be in greater demand in the years ahead.

The last census showed that in 2001 30 per cent of UK households contained a single person, compared with 26.1 per cent in 1991.


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