26 Feb

Headington: Exciting rural life in Oxfordshire

Headington: Exciting rural life in Oxfordshire

Quirkiness is something that can often be found in some of the smaller towns and villages that exist in the more rural areas of the UK, away from the major cities and the modernity prevalent there.

However, when moving to a new place, if unique and different is something you seek out, then few places will offer something more eye-catching than when looking for property for sale in Headington.

The small Oxford town is home to a great many amenities and facilities, but the feature that will always capture attention is the shark that protrudes from a house in one of the area's unassuming streets. The Headington Shark is a 25-foot structure which has been sticking out of the roof of a house in the settlement since 1986, becoming an attraction for visitors.

However, it is not all about the most famous resident, as the Oxfordshire settlement has much more to offer as well.

Those looking to feel like a part of the community, for example, will revel in the opportunity to visit the local farmers' market in Headington, where they can seek out locally produced and sourced goods while mixing with their neighbours. The gathering occurs twice a month on Fridays.

Another important aspect of living in a rural settlement will be the fact that it gives the chance to escape the city and all the noise and pollution that exists there. With this in mind, why not look at the many green and open areas around the town where you can get out and about with the kids to enjoy walks and nature trails?

If family is a key consideration for you, then schools will also be something that you need to think about before moving to any new place. Headington is home to nine primary schools and three secondary schools which means that any parents coming to live in the area with their children will be able to take the time to choose the one which gives their kids the best start in life.ADNFCR-1222-ID-801547022-ADNFCR

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