8 Nov

Halifax warns homeowners over fire risks

Halifax warns homeowners over fire risks

Up to 200 homes suffer a fire every day in the UK, a leading home insurance firm has revealed at the onset of UK Fire Safety Week.

According to Halifax Home Insurance, which itself received 3,000 fire-related claims in the last year alone, this statistic underlines both the need for adequate home insurance and to take measures to ensure your home is fire-proofed.

In response, the home insurance company has recommended that homeowners consider potential escape routes in the event of a blaze and that they install a smoke alarm.

Also endorsed is keeping internal doors shut to halt the progress of a fire - and ensuring that the risk of electrical fires is minimised by employing a qualified electrician to carry out any wiring work.

Vicky Emmott of Halifax said: "With 200 house fires happening every day, there's definitely more that could be being done to protect people's homes and families from the risks of fire.

"We are urging all householders to spend a bit of time during Fire Safety Week checking their homes and improving fire safety measures."

Figures from Halifax show that the average pay out for a fire-related claim stands at £8,452.


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