2 Sep

Green housing could create a "threat" for developers

Green housing could create a "threat" for developers

The extra cost of producing homes to meet new government environmental standards could create a "threat" to property developers rather than buyers, according to one housing expert.

Steve Turner, head of communications at trade association the Home Builders Federation, said that it is unreasonable to expect buyers to pay the extra cost and therefore the reduced profits for developers could threaten the viability of the projects going ahead.

His comments follow an announcement from energy and climate change secretary Ed Miliband, which included details of 10:10, a new campaign aimed at cutting carbon emissions by ten per cent in 2010.

"It is more of a threat to development viability as opposed to a threat to the end user, because you cannot just pass all the costs onto the end user," he said.

The news comes after Communities and Local Government released details of its Code for Sustainable Homes last year.


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