24 Apr

Green homes 'insulated from market problems'

Green homes 'insulated from market problems'

Eco-friendly houses have largely escaped from the troubles in the housing market, it has been stated.

Managing director of eco-home firm GreenMoves Julian Brooks said this segment of the market is holding up well.

Discussing demand for such dwellings, he commented: "It is still there and is slightly insulated from the problems that conventional house builder products have, in terms of trying to get sales."

He added that in his own company's case, a scheme involving five homes has already sold three with construction nearing completion.

Mr Brooks concluded that there is "still a desire or an interest" in homes that offer something "different".

The green homes sector was given extra funding in the Budget this week, with chancellor Alistair Darling pledging a total of £500 million, of which £100 million will go to help local authorities build energy-efficient homes.

He also said £1.4 billion of support will be given for the low-carbon sector.

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