10 Sep

Government targets set to "score political points"

Government targets set to "score political points"

Many government targets are set to "score political points", but there is no "easy answer" to the recent housing problems, according to one property expert.

Andrew Teacher, spokesperson at membership organisation the British Property Federation, said that the problem with a lot of the targets put in place by the government is that they are too politicised.

His comments follow the publication of a report by independent watchdog the Audit Commission, which revealed that 94 per cent of councils have prioritised building new properties, while under a third have prioritised the development of existing homes.

"The problem is that the focus is very much on these yes or no, black or white things. It is not a yes or no, black or white thing that you can summarise in a 50-word news article," stated Mr Teacher.

The news comes after Communities and Local Government reported last month that housing completions in England were up by 24 per cent to a seasonally adjusted estimate of 39,320 in the second quarter of this year.

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