13 Feb

Government plans widespread eco-friendly improvement

Government plans widespread eco-friendly improvement

The government has unveiled plans for all homeowners in the UK to be able to make eco-friendly improvements to their property by 2030.

As part of the aim to cut the country's emissions by 80 per cent by 2050, proposals are being made to bring homes closer to having zero carbon outputs.

Energy and climate change secretary Ed Miliband noted that wasted energy is costing the average family £300 per year, adding: "We need to move from incremental steps forward on household energy efficiency to a comprehensive national plan - the Great British refurb."

Included in the proposals are finance packages to help deliver the changes and measures to increase the availability of advice over the issue.

Paragon EPCs has urged buy-to-let investors to take advantage of tax allowances for making such improvements, noting that potential tenants are more likely to choose a property with strong energy performance as it could mean cheaper heating bills.

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