21 Jan

Government moves to speed up property searches

Government moves to speed up property searches

The government has unveiled a series of reforms to property searches in a bid to speed up the process and make it more affordable.

Under the terms of the new regulations, local authorities and private search companies will be compelled to work more closely together to improve the standard of the searches.

Currently, the time frame within which local authorities provide the information to private search companies stands at up to two weeks.
However, the reforms aim to cut this time to one working day.

Junior housing minister Iain Wright, said: "Homebuying and selling can be a stressful experience and we are committed to improving the system for people.

"By levelling the playing field for providers consumers will be able to get important property information earlier in the home buying process and see the costs coming down as a result."

The information should also reduce the likelihood of gaps in the data –one result of which had been that providers had to take out insurance.

Plugging these gaps and removing the need for insurance, providers will it is hoped in turn be bale to give their customers a better standard of service.

A property search currently costs between £40 and £280.


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