24 Oct

Ghosts do not deter first time buyers

Ghosts do not deter first time buyers

First time buyers would not be deterred from buying a house if they were told it was haunted, new research has revealed.

A study from Yorkshire Bank found that 54 per cent of young people looking to purchase a property would not be put off by the prospect of sharing their home with a spook.

Furthermore, 30 per cent of prospective buyers said that if they were told that a residence was visited by a ghostly presence, they would be even more likely to want to view the home - if only to satisfy their curiosity.

Yorkshire Bank's head of retail Gary Lumby said: "We all know to look out for damp patches and cracks in the walls when viewing a home, but it could prove a little trickier to spot a supernatural problem with your potential property!"

The survey also revealed that 44 per cent of respondents would consider using the fact that a house was haunted as an excuse to try to negotiate a lower price.


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