2 Jul

Forgetful Brits endangering homes

Forgetful Brits endangering homes

An Englishman's home is his castle, so the saying goes. Some people do not seem to have taken that to heart though, with a new study revealing that 11 per cent of Britons leave their front doors wide open to burglars every year.

The Newcastle Building Society survey found that forgetfulness could be costing people their homes, as 58 per cent of respondents admitted to leaving household appliances such as washing machines or ovens running.

In addition, half said they failed to check their smoke alarm batteries, while 26 per cent left the house without locking the windows.

"It stands to reason that leaving your home without locking the doors or setting the alarm creates a risk for burglary but it can also affect your home contents cover should you come to claim," Steven Marks, lending executive at the building society, commented.

Sainsbury's Home Insurance recently found that a fifth of UK homeowners are planning to make major structural changes to their property over the next year and warned that they must inform their insurer first.

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