11 Aug

Enjoy the romance of the countryside in Malvern

Enjoy the romance of the countryside in Malvern

Malvern is nestled comfortably on the English side of the England/Wales border, not far from the M5 and a short drive south of Birmingham.

It's no surprise that people are always looking for property for sale in Malvern.

Malvern originated as a spa village and most of its history is in water and although it started as a much smaller village, the attraction of the place drew more and more people in so gradually it grew into the larger town it is today.

Modern day Malvern still retains traces of its history, with constant reminders of its Victorian days. Buildings such as St Ann's Well, Malvern Priory and the Abbey Gateway all prove popular as do the well-maintained Victorian gas lamps and stunning views of the Severn Valley.

As well as the picturesque countryside, on offer in and around Malvern there are beauty spots such as the Brecon beacons a short drive away. Access to the nearby M5 and M42 mean you can also connect to nearby cities such as Bristol, Birmingham and London.

In the town itself, there are a number of other shops and activities to keep everyone entertained. The winding back-streets are home to small shops, boutiques as well as antique dealers and furniture shops.

Malvern has had many famous visitors over its history. C.S Lewis, J.R.R Tolkien and Charles Darwin have all visited and stayed in the town for differing amounts of time. The Lord of the Rings was in fact first put down on tape in the town.

The time could be ideal for those looking for a house for sale in Malvern too, as house prices there are currently at their lowest for six months averaging now at £164,101.

With all the town has to offer, Malvern could prove the perfect tonic for those wishing to move somewhere modern but which still remembers its romantic past.

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