13 Jul

Energy saving solutions 'may add more to the value of a home'

Energy saving solutions 'may add more to the value of a home'

Research conducted by Halifax has revealed how much a person could add to the value of their home by making a few well-considered improvements.

It was discovered the fuel efficiency and energy saving measures were the most profitable improvements as they added up to two-and-a-half times their initial inlay cost to the value of a home.

This means that for the £1,722 it usually takes to install the solutions, a home could be worth up to £4,327 more.

Halifax also discovered that the second most profitable improvement was added security measures, followed by redecorating, both of which boosted the value of a home by around twice as much as their initial cost.

Stephen Noakes, commercial director at Lloyds Banking Group, said: "This research has shown that it is often the low-cost, straightforward home improvements that are perceived to add the most monetary value to a home."

In other property news, Smiths Gore has reported that prices of top-end properties are stabilising and currently selling for "more than ever before".

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