8 Jan

Energy efficiency 'could bring in more tenants'

Energy efficiency 'could bring in more tenants'

The National Landlords Association (NLA) has said that making rental accommodation more energy efficient will help landlords to draw in more tenants.

Speaking about the introduction of energy performance certificates (EPCs) in Scotland last summer, NLA spokesman Anthony Zahra said buy-to-let landlords have been "fairly positive" about them.

He added: "If you have got an energy efficient property that will show up on the EPC then tenants are going to be more attracted to those sorts of properties."

Mr Zahra stated that many landlords are now realising that tenants are likely to be keener on properties where fuel bills are low, with many working to make their properties greener even before the EPCs were introduced.

The law in Scotland has made it a statutory requirement for landlords to have an EPC for every property they rent out with effect from January 4th.


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