5 Nov

Eco-towns 'vital to help first-time buyers'

Eco-towns 'vital to help first-time buyers'

The Trades Union Congress has said it is pleased to hear that the government is still looking to press ahead with the building of five new eco-towns, arguing that this will help the cause of first-time buyers.

Commenting on news of the consultation announced by Margaret Beckett yesterday, the body said: "Everyone in the UK should be able to afford decent housing, but for many people renting a good quality flat or owning their own home remains a distant dream."

Because of this, news of the extra building is a positive development, it stated, adding that there is a need to reinvigorate the housing market during the downturn and improve the environmental standards of construction.

The government had originally planned to build ten eco-towns, although the project has faced criticism, particularly from people opposed to new developments in their local areas.

In its response to the news, Town and Country Planning Association chief executive Gideon Amos said the principles of eco-towns should be applied to existing towns and cities to make them greener.

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