29 Oct

Eco-home prices to fall in line with demand

Eco-home prices to fall in line with demand

The cost of eco-homes will come down as they move into the mass market, according to the Federation of Master Builders (FMB).

According to the FMB prices for environmentally-friendly homes are currently only so high because of the economies of scale involved.
However, as demand grows in line with the public's increasing awareness of environmental issues, prices will fall, a spokesman for the FMB said.

"At the moment, because they are not being done in a very large scale it does cost considerably more to build an eco-friendly home - anything up to £25,000 on the initial price," he said.

"Zero-carbon homes are more expensive than what would be described as standard affordable housing. As the number of eco-homes goes up, the price will come down.

"The demand isn't great because most people want housing that they can afford. They are not very interested at the minute about whether it is environmentally friendly or not, they are concerned about whether it is affordable," he added.


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