8 Oct

'Developers must stop building energy-inefficient homes'

'Developers must stop building energy-inefficient homes'

A leading environmental housing body has called on developers to stop building energy-inefficient homes.

John Alker of the Green Building Council said that if zero-emission targets for housing are to be met, property developers "need to stop building bad quality, energy inefficient, environmentally unfriendly homes".

Mr Alker's comments come as the government this week announced that houses with zero carbon emissions will be granted stamp duty relief in the years to come.

Welcoming the proposals, Mr Alker said: "The details are still being finalised, but what that should mean is that there won't be any stamp duty for those homes that are built over the next five years."

As part of the Code for Sustainable Homes, the government is also to introduce a star system of rating homes based upon their sustainability.

In addition, Gordon Brown has recently pledged to double the number of carbon-neutral communities in the UK from five to ten.


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