9 Oct

Desire for green homes is growing, says eco group

Desire for green homes is growing, says eco group

Environmentalist group Friends of the Earth has said there is a growing desire for more eco-friendly homes among the public, due to a combination of concerns about climate change and the desire to lower energy bills as fuel prices rise.

Spokesperson Marie Reynolds said estate agents can benefit from highlighting these features in homes, pointing to research by the Energy Savings Trust (EST) in August this year which found that 53 per cent of householders were willing to pay extra for a greener home.

She said: "This research shows there is a clear public appetite for green homes", adding that "energy efficiency is a definite selling point" as it can "save a small fortune" on domestic fuel bills.

Buying a home that already has features such as solar panels or other green elements will ensure financial gains for the buyers for this reason, Ms Reynolds concluded.

The EST survey revealed that the average buyer would willingly pay £3,350 more for an eco-friendly home.

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