23 Sep

Debate rages as to levels of affordable Oxfordshire housing

Debate rages as to levels of affordable Oxfordshire housing

Oxfordshire housing authorities need to take action in order to make property in the area more available to young home-seekers.

That's the view of Stewart Lilley, former president of the National Association of Estate Agents, who believes that property for sale in Oxfordshire is simply not attainable for young buyers.

Mr Lilley told of his view that he felt not enough affordable homes were gaining planning permission in the region while at a Banbury homeless centre open day on Saturday.

However, Councillor Robert Sharp has disagreed and said: "For new developments of more than 15 houses, developers must provide 40 per cent affordable housing to get planning permission."

We have also had some rural exception policy homes built in Shrivenham and Kingston Bagpuize, which are all affordable and only available to people who live locally."

At the charity day, youth homeless group BYHP said it believes it is all too easy for young people to end up homeless with the lack of affordable housing and the state of the housing market currently.


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