29 Jan

DIY removal of walls 'can invalidate home insurance'

DIY removal of walls 'can invalidate home insurance'

Britons who remove internal walls from their homes without informing their home insurance provider are flirting with disaster, it has been claimed.

Recently more and more UK homeowners have opted to tear down dividing walls as they seek to give their properties a fashionable open plan layout, a study from Halifax Home Insurance shows.

This has led to the disappearance of 2.9 million homes during the last five years, with a further 2.1 million spaces set to be removed this year.

Of these, 44 per cent typically fail to tell their insurer of their plans - a move that could cause your home insurance policy to be invalidated.

David Rochester, head of underwriting at Halifax Home Insurance, said: "Not only do we urge homeowners to make sure a qualified person carries out any structural work to their home, we also recommend seeking the advice of a qualified structural engineer before progressing work to knock down any walls.

"Any damage to a weight-bearing wall that results in ceiling collapse or other damage could also invalidate a buildings insurance policy."


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