13 Aug

Council launches new homes consultation

Council launches new homes consultation

A council in the south-west of England is to hold a public consultation on how it may meet an upwardly revised target for building new homes.

Torbay council has said it is contacting 600 locals to establish how they believe it should approach a government target for homebuilding that is 50 per cent higher than its own.

Explaining the challenge, cabinet minister with responsibility for planning Chris Lewis said: "The council has supported a growth rate of 10,000 dwellings. However, the government is suggesting 15,000 new homes which would mean that more development on greenfield sites would be required."

Many first-time buyers could benefit if the target is achieved.

The Torbay target is its share of the Regional Spatial Strategy goal of ensuring 592,460 new homes are built in the south-west region between 2006 and 2026.

House prices in the region are above the average for England and Wales, according to the latest Land Registry figures, at £189,700.

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