23 Nov

Costly Christmas presents 'can impact on house contents insurance'

Costly Christmas presents 'can impact on house contents insurance'

Homeowners who are the recipients of costly gifts this Christmas should consider how this could impact on their home insurance, it has been claimed.

According to figures from Direct Line, £18.3 billion will be lavished on presents this Christmas, with almost 40 per cent of people planning to spend up to £300.

The value of the extra goods in your home could have serious implications the validity of your home insurance - especially since burglars often target homes around the festive period, according to Andrew Lowe, head of home insurance at Direct Line.

He said: "With all the extra possessions in the home, Christmas can be a popular time for burglaries so people need to make sure they are vigilant with their home security.

"After Christmas and New Year some may find that the value of their household contents has significantly increased in value, so it is worth reassessing home insurance policies to make sure people are not underinsured."


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