15 Oct

Cheltenham town centre set for revamp

Cheltenham town centre set for revamp

The centre of Cheltenham is set for redevelopment, something that may help boost local house prices by making the area a more attractive place in which to live, work and shop.

Plans backed by councillors include moving the council offices from their current Central Promenade location to Portland Place and opening up greater access to the Royal Well.

There will also be a new public meeting place at Boots Corner under the plans, which have seen an agreement reached among councillors to set up a supervisory body to oversee the project.

Such a move may help enhance the local amenities and attraction of the town, with the result being a boost to property values if the town's economy and environment gain as a result.

Cheltenham already has a long-established reputation as a spa town.

It is also famous for its racecourse, which hosts one of horse racing's main festivals every year.

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