8 Oct

CIH proposes housing reform

CIH proposes housing reform

The process of house buying can and should be made simpler, the Chartered Institute of Housing (CIH) has said.

In a response to a government green paper on the sector produced earlier this year, the CIH has revealed its own set of proposals, arguing that one of the key priorities should be ensuring "responsible lending" by banks.

Other measures suggested included encouraging closer co-operation between constructors and local government over the type of homes being built, plus making house buying simpler.

Director of policy and practice at the CIH Richard Capie added: "More and better advice and education should become standard for everyone so they can plan their housing and financial commitments over longer periods, if not lifetimes."

These proposals come at a time when Margaret Beckett has just taken up the post of housing minister and may influence the future direction of policy and reform in the sector.

One measure the government is currently undertaking is to establish area targets for the building of new homes in its Regional Spatial Strategy.

It has just set a goal for the construction of 445,000 new homes in the West Midlands by 2026, the Birmingham Post reported this week.

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