30 Apr

Buy-to-let property investors 'should target specific markets'

Buy-to-let property investors 'should target specific markets'

People who invest in buy-to-let properties in the UK should target specific sections of the market, it has been suggested.

According to James Davis, chief executive officer at upad.co.uk, doing this can help landlords avoid periods when their homes are vacant.

He said: "Make sure your property is geared up according to who you're actually letting to, rather than just taking a general viewpoint."

The expert added that understanding who it is they are trying to attract as tenants is vital for landlords, as is knowing what is happening in their local area.

His comments follow the release of figures by the National Landlords Association that show the number of investors experiencing void periods over the last year remains high but has stabilised in recent months.

In addition, the average annual length of time such people go without rental income has fallen from 19 days to 17 days, the organisation revealed.

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