8 Mar

Buy-to-let property investors 'should get insurance'

Buy-to-let property investors 'should get insurance'

People who invest in buy-to-let properties should make sure they have insurance in place in case of burst water pipes.

Redbrick Landlords Insurance noted that the cold weather conditions seen this winter have affected many homes across the country, including houses to rent in London.

According to managing director of the firm Tony Armitage, there were around 16,000 burst pipe claims across the country in January alone.

He added: "A broken pipe is often undetected for hours and water cascading through a property can ruin everything - carpets, plaster, furniture, ceilings and electrical goods."

The expert went on to note that it can take months for a house to dry out and an uninsured landlord can be left with the "double blow" of paying for repairs and covering a loss of rental income.

Over recent weeks, the icy conditions that affected Britain over the festive season and into the new year have lessened to an extent, although further snow has fallen in many areas.

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