29 Mar

Buy-to-let properties in West Midlands 'see rent rise'

Buy-to-let properties in West Midlands 'see rent rise'

Properties to rent in the West Midlands have experienced an increase in their yields recently.

This is according to figures produced by Spareroom.co.uk, which suggested that the region has witnessed a rise of 11 per cent in the average income received for letting out rooms over the last year, Introducer Today reports.

Meanwhile, five of the top ten towns in terms of typical rental price hikes were located in the north of England.

Stoke-on-Trent saw the most significant increase, registering a rise of 11.3 per cent.

Matt Hutchinson, director of Spareroom.co.uk, suggested that a fall in the number of so-called 'accidental landlords' - who want to sell their abodes but are unable to and therefore let them out - is partly behind the trend.

Recently, PropertyEarth.Net suggested that landlords are mainly on the hunt for three-bedroom homes at present, with 57 per cent of those polled revealing a preference for such properties.

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