24 Sep

Bungalows 'still the most popular home'

Bungalows 'still the most popular home'

Bungalows remain the most popular kind of home in the UK, it has been stated.

This single-storey type of dwelling has been found to be the most favoured type in a survey by Alliance & Leicester, with 29 per cent expressing a preference, reports the Independent.

A Halifax survey also saw bungalows rated as the happiest homes in Britain, with an average mark of 8.15 out of ten for its user-friendliness, the paper noted.

However, the report added, the number of bungalows now being built is much lower due to the pressure placed on local authorities to ensure building is carried out at a higher density, something that favours multiple-storey dwellings such as apartment blocks.

Just 300 bungalows were built in 2007 out of a total of 180,000 new homes.

As a consequence, demand for such homes is high, with Phil Corris, spokesman for the Peak Valley Housing Association, telling the paper that after it built 14 bungalows last year: "Our waiting list was inundated. The high demand for bungalows demonstrates a clear need for this type of housing."

According to figures from the Department for Communities and Local Government, the average UK bungalow price rose by 1.8 per cent between June and July this year, which could suggest supply is helping to push up prices.

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