8 Jan

Brits using internet for mortgage research

Brits using internet for mortgage research

The internet has become an increasingly important tool for homebuyers looking for information about mortgages, new data has revealed.

According to poll from the Yorkshire Building Society for yourmortgage.co.uk, some 95 per cent of respondents said they will use the internet at some stage while looking for a mortgage.

Of these 20 per cent said they would be prepared to complete the full mortgage online, 27 per cent said they use the internet solely for research and 39 per cent said they would proceed as far as getting a quote.

David Jackson, head of e-commerce at Yorkshire Building Society, said: "We designed the survey to give us a greater understanding of what potential mortgage customers are looking for from a lender with an online facility."

Pauline McCallion, editor of Your Mortgage, added: "The size and complexity of the current mortgage market means it is sensible for consumers to use the internet to help find the best deal for their needs.

"With the range of tools and calculators now available online, those looking for a mortgage can conduct their own research and will often find competitive offers online."


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