8 Nov

Brit homeowners are 'unaware of flood risks'

Brit homeowners are 'unaware of flood risks'

Despite heavy floods during the summer, the majority of Britons are failing to check if their prospective home is on a flood plain, it has been revealed.

According to a study from life insurance firm Abbey, 23.9 million - 51 per cent of the population - did not ascertain whether their property was at risk of flooding.

Furthermore, 6.2 million homeowners do not know if their home is located in an area deemed to be at-risk from flooding.

Abbey Insurance spokesperson Tony Beckwith said: "The concern is that so many people are still unaware of the potential risk they might be facing. Six million people assumed they would have been told before they moved into the house if it was at risk, but actually the responsibility lies with the person buying the house to find out.

"Maybe the introduction of Home Information Packs could have been more helpful by highlighting homes that have a history of flooding."

News of Abbey's findings comes after a separate survey from the firm discovered that 257,000 home insurance claims are rejected each year on the grounds that the homeowner's policy does not offer relevant home insurance cover.


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