15 Nov

Bournemouth: Sea air and scenic views

Bournemouth: Sea air and scenic views

Escaping the city is becoming  common for many modern movers. An influx of people looking to find properties with natural surroundings has led to a slight increase in rural home prices as of late.

This, however, should not dissuade those who have their heart set on a house outside of the city suburbs. Britain has a plethora of beautiful scenery and because of this there are plenty of stunning places to live within it.

One of the UK’s best features is its fantastic southern coast. The shoreline stretches for miles, offering brilliant sea views and an abundance of fresh air.

For those who like the idea of living by the sea, property for sale in Bournemouth could offer you the chance to do just this.

The large coastal town has a population of just under 185,000, which gives residents enough space of their own while the town maintains a healthy, vibrant buzz about its streets.

Some buildings around the centre were built in the Victorian period, giving the town a sense of heritage. The older architecture offers a fascinating contrast against newer buildings like the Waterfront Cinema and Leisure Complex.

Bournemouth beach is one attraction that cannot be missed, the sandy expanse goes on far into the horizon and is perfect for long walks in the summer.

The town also has a strong foundation in leisure and entertainment, ensuring that residents don’t  have to go too far to find something to do. From concert venues to public parks, all tastes are catered for in Bournemouth.

Shopping in the centre is also a pleasant affair, with many of the streets pedestrianised for the public. A mixture of high street brands and original boutiques can be found in and around Bournemouth's Victorian arcades.

A 2007 survey carried out in Bournemouth found that 82 per cent of people were contented with their lives, making it the happiest place in the UK. There must be something in the sea water!


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