13 Jan

Be creative, landlords advised

Be creative, landlords advised

Landlords wanting to make their property more attractive should come up with innovative ways of ensuring it stands out from the rest, an expert has said.

Chris Jenkins, the manager of buy-to-let mortgage firm Clarity Commercial, suggested investors might provide special incentives to make properties more enticing, such as better furniture or having cleaners in once a week.

Such moves could help ensure that landlords can find tenants for their properties, he added, suggesting that new-build homes are the type that will be most likely to attract special incentives to make them stand out from the pack.

This was something he argued would lead to higher standards among properties and landlords alike.

"Much can be discovered about any incentives you should consider offering by listening to potential tenant feedback and then tailoring a solution to fit," Mr Jenkins stated.

The average value of a rental property in December 2008 was £400,400, according to the Association of Residential Lettings Agents.

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