10 Sep

Barnt Green: Mix idyllic village life with a commuter haven

Barnt Green: Mix idyllic village life with a commuter haven

For city workers, the choice is often straightforward - either live in the city that they work in, or move out into some sort of suburb surrounding.

However, there are some areas around the country that offer something quite different and surprising for those who are willing to take the time to dig a little. 

For example, a village may not be the first thing you think off if you are looking for somewhere to live as a commuter to a city like Birmingham, but the perfect settlement for this way of life can be discovered when you head out to look for property for sale in Barnt Green.

The village is home to just 1,700 people, making it the ideal settlement for young families looking for a quiet place to raise their children. However, its positioning just ten miles to the south of Birmingham also makes it the perfect place for commuters looking to go into the city each morning.

Another bonus is the ease with which workers can get to the office each morning from Barnt Green. Driving the ten miles should not be too stressful, but for those who do not want to risk the roads and the potential for stress-inducing traffic jams, there are other options as well.

The trains that pass through the village are operated by London Midlands, and they will make a direct journey to Birmingham New Street each morning. Regular trains mean that the morning commute will be a breeze, taking away the stressful part of the day.

As many people will want to move here with their kids, it will also be important that the schooling system is good. Thankfully, Barnt Green has its own primary school, despite being a small village. This means commuting parents can go to work each morning without having to worry about their kids travelling any distance to school.

And the final consideration will come in the form of amenities. The village has a small shopping street, as well as a number of other facilities like a park where parents and children can enjoy a range of different sports and a good old dose of fresh air that is often associated with village life.ADNFCR-1222-ID-801635799-ADNFCR

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