24 Jul

Banbury is a thriving centre of a rural community

Banbury is a thriving centre of a rural community

If you want to live somewhere which is slightly out of the way of the big cities, giving you the chance to get out and enjoy the best of what England has to offer, then why not turn to Oxfordshire?

Some of the best places offering the opportunity to enjoy coutryside pursuits exist in the county, allowing residents to indulge in hill walking and rambling.

However, these can often be devoid of some of the amenities that people who live in more populated areas take for granted.

So, if you want the best of both worlds as a way of transition between your old life and somewhere you may like to live, why not head out and look for property for sale in Banbury?

The Oxfordshire market town is home to 45,000 people, which means that while it will not be overly busy, people will still be able to feel like they have not moved somewhere too quiet.

Banbury is a thriving retail and commercial centre for most of the smaller Oxfordshire residences that exist around it. This means that people living in the town itself are likely to be able to find a wide range of shops, and will not be disappointed with the options available to them.

However, while this is one side of the coin, the location of the town also means that it will be perfect for people who want to take on a new rural hobby. Travelling to the nearby settlements will be straightforward, and then from there, people can indulge in some walking with their family to stay fit and see some of the countryside.

It will also be somewhere where people can find themselves indulging in some slightly obscure hobbies and crafts. Perhaps some new residents would be excited to visit the Hobby Horse Festival; held annually in Banbury for the last 12 years.

Because of its connection to the tourist heavy canal, Banbury is also well served by a train service.ADNFCR-1222-ID-801414440-ADNFCR

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