8 Mar

Attractive property 'more likely to find a buyer'

Attractive property 'more likely to find a buyer'

Improving the interior and exterior of a property will help homeowners attract a buyer, according to an industry expert.

Stuart Law, chief executive at Assetz, said that making the home look "appealing" to investors was crucial when it comes to finalising a sale.

There is only so much that estate agents can do, and property owners need to make sure that they look after their home's exterior and tackle any areas which need improving.

"Don't leave lots of small obvious jobs when people come around to look at the property because they might wander what else needs doing as well," he noted.

Mr Law went on to compare selling a home to buying a new car, in that investors are unlikely to choose a model which is covered with mud, rust and is untidy inside.

Buyers are also more likely to be attracted to a building if its interior is well looked after. For example, issues with taps or heating could point towards bigger and more expensive problems elsewhere in the home.ADNFCR-1222-ID-801312481-ADNFCR

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