20 Nov

Antique fittings can damage value, expert warns

Antique fittings can damage value, expert warns

Homeowners must take care when installing period features in a property or risk a negative impact on its value, it has been claimed.

The addition of antique fittings that are not in keeping with the look and feel of the house is to be avoided in particular, according to Andrew Leech, a consultant at the National Home Improvement Council.

Mr Leech cited the example of putting Georgian-style windows on Victorian or Edwardian terraced houses as a classic mistake.

He said: "You’ve got to be very careful as it can go the opposite way round if you put something which is too antique in a property is fairly modern. [If] you’re intending to add period features internally or externally, you need to consider if they will be compatible with the design of the house

"So it’s as well to be sympathetic with the architecture of these types of houses. If you live in a conservation area, you have to be fully compliant with the local vernacular, or else you’ll have the planning authorities after you."

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