21 Nov

Ahipp supports First Day Marketing delay

Ahipp supports First Day Marketing delay

Delaying the introduction of First Day Marketing for Home Information Packs (Hips) is a sensible move, the deputy director general of the Association of Home Information Pack Providers (Ahipp) said.

First Day Marketing is due to be introduced in January 1st and stipulates that all three and four-bedroom homes that are on the market from this point must have a Hip.

This applies even if the property was on the market before this date.
However, according to Paul Broadhead of Ahipp, delaying their introduction temporarily would make sense given the current market conditions.

"If the government were to extend First Day Marketing past 1st January 2008 for a limited period, this would seem a sensible approach, whilst the fully rolled out system beds down.

"However, this should only be a temporary measure. For Hips to do their job properly, all the information must be made available to potential buyers from the offset."

He added: "I remain confident that we will see Hips extended to one and two-bedroom properties by the end of the year."


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