20 May

AHIPP: Numerous fee option for HIPs

AHIPP: Numerous fee option for HIPs

There are a variety of deals available on the market for home information packs (HIPs), according to the Association of Home Information Pack Providers (AHIPP).

Vendors must search the sector and find the best deal for them, it said, because the format of the document and its cost can vary depending on the provider.

AHIPP said it is the responsibility of the individual provider to make clear the fees and setup of the HIPs before they are sold to home sellers.

These comments come after a Channel 4 investigation into how much vendors are required to pay for the package.

HIPs were introduced as a mandatory part of the property selling process in August 2007, prompting much debate on among the housing industry.

"The implication that the retailer's price can never be higher than the cost of the goods supplied is to misunderstand the nature of commerce," AHIPP remarked.

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