26 Nov

£9,000 outlay for carbon neutral home

£9,000 outlay for carbon neutral home

The average outlay for making a three-bedroom, semi-detached home carbon neutral is £9,270, according to data from Alliance & Leicester.

However, by fitting energy-efficient boilers, solar panels and improving insulation, homeowners can reap significant cost savings in the long-term, the firm said.

By opting for a new boiler, savings of up to £240 per year can be made.

Meanwhile, cavity wall insulation and loft insulation can cut heating bills by as much as £230 per year.

Richard Al-Dabbagh, senior personal loans manager at Alliance & Leicester, said: "Becoming carbon neutral will not happen overnight. Nowadays more and more people are giving environmental considerations and their carbon footprints a higher priority.

"This includes trying to make their homes as energy efficiency as possible. There are lots of diverse ways homeowners can try and make their homes greener but it all depends on how much people want to spend."

Even relatively minor improvements to your home such as energy-efficient lightbulbs can save £65 over the course of its use, the building society said.


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