17 Jan

£13bn to be spent on green home improvements

£13bn to be spent on green home improvements

Home improvements with the aim of improving a property's environmental credentials will cost Britons £13 billion this year, research has shown.

A new survey by the Co-operative Bank has revealed that green measures are becoming increasingly popular.

It said many homeowners are already recycling waste, turning off unused electrical items, investing in energy saving lighbulbs and turning the heating down.

In addition, more than one third (39 per cent) said they were taking fewer baths, while one quarter have invested in double glazing.

"This research clearly shows that people are really starting to sit up and take notice of green issues in relation to their homes," said John Barker, head of mortgages at the Co-operative Bank.

"Houses are one of the largest sources of carbon dioxide emissions in the UK and taking steps to improve the environmental impact of homes is something that we strongly believe should be encouraged."

The survey also revealed that one in ten homeowners has bought a rain water capture device, while 19 per cent said they had installed cavity wall insulation.


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